Hendricks Gin Cured Salmon (GF)

Herb crème fraiche, pickled cucumber salad,

split lemon dressing, toasted sourdough 9.95

Smoked Ham & Cheddar Bites

Ham hough & Mull cheddar, whole grain mustard mayo,

watercress & beer pickled onion salad 8.75

Chicken & Liver Brandy Parfait (GF)

Patersons of Arran chutney, toasted brioche,

crisp leaf salad, mustard dressing 7.65

Buffalo Cauliflower (V)

Sriracha glazed crispy cauliflower bites, blue cheese &

crème fraiche dip, celery 6.95

Bloody Mary Prawn Cocktail (GF)

Atlantic prawns, Bloody Mary mayo, pickled cucumber &

lime salad, sourdough wafer 8.95

Freshly Prepared Soup (GF)

Warm baked bread & butter 5.45

Salt & Chilli Squid

Flash-fried salt & chilli crusted squid,

Nuoc cham dip 7.25

Goats Cheese Bruschetta (V) (GF)

Heather honey & black pepper, bitter leaf salad,

pickled walnut, truffle dressing 6.95

Gambas Pil Pil (GF)

Chilli & cayenne prawns, garlic ciabatta 8.95

Crispy Tempura (GF)

Sweet chilli sauce, wasabi mayo

Vegetable 7.45 / 13.25 (V)

Chicken 7.95 / 14.75

King Prawn 8.95 / 15.95


Thai Spiced Breast of Chicken (GF)

Prawn cracker crust, edamame bean & Asian greens,

fragrant rice 14.95

Seared Fillet of Seabass

Pea & mascarpone orzotto, lemon herb crumb 16.95

Beef Stroganoff (GF)

Pan fried beef & chestnut mushrooms finished with

dijon mustard & crème fraiche sauce, fragrant rice 16.95

Plant Based Pil Pil (V) (GF)

Aubergine & mushrooms, chilli garlic oil,

toasted bread, sea salt fries 12.95

Steamed Shetland Mussels (GF)

Garlic & herb cream, freshly baked garlic bread, fries 13.95

Plant Based Kasmiri Vegetable Curry (V) (GF)

Coriander & ginger coconut cream, toasted almond crunch,

basmati rice, naan bread 12.95

Three Cheese Macaroni (V) (GF)

Short-cut pasta, aged cheddar & Parmesan,

Mull cheddar glaze, garlic ciabatta 12.95

Craft Beer-Battered Fish & Chips (GF)

Minted pea puree, chunky tartar sauce & fries 14.95

Korean BBQ Chicken Buns

Korean crispy chicken bao buns with crunchy Asian slaw,

togarashi fries 14.95

Gambas Pil Pil (GF)

King Prawns, Chilli & garlic oil, toasted bread, sea salt fries 13.95

Classic Caesar Salad

Anchovy & mayo dressing, crispy croutes, aged Parmesan 9.75

Want more?

Add Breast of Chicken 3.00

Add Prawns 4.00

Plant Based Korean BBQ Cauliflower Buns (V)

Korean crispy cauliflower bao buns with crunchy Asian slaw,

togarashi fries 13.45

House crêpes

Smoked Ham, Aged Cheddar & Leek

Pulled smoked ham hough, sauted leek & aged cheddar cheese,

topped with soft fried egg, crisp salad 14.25

Cajun Spiced Chicken

Sautéed peppers & onions, aged cheddar glaze 14.95

Mushroom (V)

Sautéed wild mushroom & spinach, vegetarian Parmesan cream 13.95

Chicken & Bacon

Pan fried chicken & bacon, garlic cream, cheddar glaze 14.75

Prime Steaks

All our steaks are perfectly mature. Served with slow-roasted tomato, and garlic & herb sautéed mushrooms

Rib-eye 8oz 26.95 (GF)

Sirloin 10oz 27.95 (GF)

Fillet 7oz 29.95 (GF)

Choose a Side:

Fries | Rich Butter Mash | Truffle & Parmesan Fries

Add a Sauce:

Whisky & Arran mustard | Béarnaise | Pepper & Brandy 2.95 each

Add a Side:

Garlic King Prawns 4.95 (GF)

Blue Cheese 3.25

Haggis 3.25


Prime Beef Burger (GF)

Double Stack beef burgers, dill pickle, crispy onion,

home-smoked, tomato relish, brioche bun & fries 14.95

Buttermilk Chicken Burger (GF)

Crispy buttermilk fried chicken breast, lettuce,

honey mustard coleslaw, jalapeños, Monterey Jack cheese,

brioche bun, fries 14.95

Plant Based Burger (VE) (GF)

Dill pickle, crispy onion, home-smoked, tomato relish,

brioche bun & fries 14.95


Mini Mac & Cheese 3.95 (V) (GF)

Fries 3.50 (V) (GF)

Cajun Fries / Chilli & Parmesan Fries 3.75 (V) (GF)

Truffle & Parmesan Fries 3.75 (V) (GF)

Caesar Salad 3.75

Tenderstem Broccoli 3.45 (V) (GF)

Lemon butter

Buttery Mash 3.95 (V) (GF)

Rosemary Sea Salt Battered Onion Rings 3.45 (V) (GF)

Buzzworks Famous Thai Sauce 3.75 (V) (GF)

Invisible Fries 2.95

0% fat, 100% hospitality. All proceeds from invisible fries go

to Hospitality Action, who are doing everything they can to help

people in hospitality. Thanks for chipping in. For more information,


Food Allergens and Intolerances

Our products are made with ingredients that contain allergens. Please speak to our staff about your requirements before ordering. Items with GF symbols can be adjusted to be made gluten-free. Please ask your server.

(V) = Vegetarian

(VV) = Vegan

(GF) = Gluten-Free

We apply a discretionary optional 8% service charge to the bill for parties of 10 or more. 100% of all service charge goes to our staff.